Dust On Boots Mixtapes #28. Will McGiven

What I really like in music’n’podcast activity are random meetings with your soulmates who can live all over the world. It’s some kind of radio enthusiasts group (like in 70s). For example, I’ve met a guy from Derby, UK who records a really really cosmic and awesome compilations and talks on pure cockney like Guy Ritchie’s character. This is fantastic as phenomenon, you know. I really like it.

So, today is a saturday and I’m exited to present you very special podcast by my good fella from Derby, UK — Will McGiven. Don’t forget to check his soundcloud.

What is your favorite book and why?

To be honest i have not read a book for ages! Just listen to music all the time! I read under milk wood by Dylan Thomas at school and that was superbly written.

Which sport are you best at?

I was lucky to be good at most sports, i may have gone higher than semi professional as a footballer if id have not wanted to watch by beloved home team, Derby County. I was also good at all the jumping and sprinting events in Athletics. I just loved and played all sports.

What is your morning routine?

Just get changed, iron my shirt, have some breakfast and then my world comes to life! On the bus in to work i listen to all the tracks i have researched that week and go off in to my own world.