Dust On Boots Mixtapes #24. Oomkah Dee

Long time no see guys. And now we are back with the guest mix of very talented man, the cinematolog and soundtrack collectioner named Oomkah Dee. He also is the author of compilations called Aatdushi (now in history, but we still love it). This mix is recorded from modern jazz tracks “in shades of grey”.

The idea was born from my music player. I often back home by poorly lighted streets and every time I sound my way up by proper jazz: noir, dark or minimal. Becoming very cinematic.

Outstanding, but lovely mixtape. Enjoy. Uh, and don’t forget to check Oomka’s bandcamp.

Lars Danielsson & Tigran Hamasyan — Hov arek sarer djan
Colorlist — Sun Song
Marsen Jules Trio & Roger Döring — Histoire De La Nuit
Ulrich Drechsler Quartet — Where Time Stands Still (For Sue’s House)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief — Equilibrium
L A N D — Nothing Is Happening Everywhere
Żółte Światło — Noir
Triosk — Headlights
Swod — Largo
Portico Quartet — The Visitor
Dictaphone — Rattle