Dust On Boots Mixtapes #32. Vasya Alland

Wazzup guys? We've a new episode of our show tonight. The host is Vasya from Guangzhou, our best mate in the China. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Matthew Herbert - End (from Vida Y Color) (Original Mix)
Bonobo - Days To Come feat. Bajka (Original Mix)
starRo - Eternity (Original Mix)
Marsmobil - Magnetizing (Original Mix)
Matthew Herbert - Tristesse (From La Confiance REgne) (Original Mix)
Sun Goes Nova - Move Me No Sea (Original Mix)
Nicolas Jaar - Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust (Original Mix)
Tricky - If Only I Knew (Original Mix)
Stephane Pompougnac - Union Square (Original Mix)
Pop-3 Feat. Lukasz Polowczyk - Obsolete (Original Mix)
Blockhead - Triptych, Part 2 (Original Mix)
Wax Tailor - Seize The Day (Original Mix)
Bonobo - The Fever (Original Mix)
Angus & Julia Stone - Paper Aeroplane (Original Mix)
Tricky - Valentine (Original Mix)
Maribou State - Moon Circles (Original Mix)
Pink Martini - Andalucia (Original Mix)
Atjazz - Harmony (Original Mix)

Dust On Boots Mixtapes #29. Andrey Freeze

Such a beautiful day is today. And we are going to release some precious piece of downbeat music. Say hey to Andrey Freeze, the guy who running the great bar London placed in Sochi. Our old buddy made a really great mix here. 

What is your favorite book and why?
”Steve Jobs Biography” by Walter Isaacson. I like his approach to business and things.

Which sport are you best at?
MTB, wake, skate, snowboard — it pumps you and refreshes head.

What is your morning routine? -
Read the news and then takes planning.

Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire (Eunice & Mawkus' Hotel Edit)
Danny Brown-grown up
Bahamadia – unknowhowwedu
Missy Eliot - Back in the Day (Mantrakid Remix)
J DILLA -  Pause (J-Finesse Dilla Day Remix)
Style P – Blow my mind
Tall Black Guy – Wait a minute
Knifefight – Torn Victor
Q-Tip - Breathe & Stop (Illvibe Collective rmx)
Shamon Cassette ft. Yarah Bravo - Surround Sound
Classic Sensation - There's Something In The Seeds
Jon Kennedy  - pronouns you schit
Percee P – real talk
Noitavo – Binary Star
BJ Digby aka Holmskillit – Ascension
Replife feat. Kissey Asplund – put it down
Erikah Badu - BUMP IT (DJ A1 REMIX)
Illa j – we here
Moka only  - Mess Around 

Dust On Boots Mixtapes #28. Will McGiven

What I really like in music’n’podcast activity are random meetings with your soulmates who can live all over the world. It’s some kind of radio enthusiasts group (like in 70s). For example, I’ve met a guy from Derby, UK who records a really really cosmic and awesome compilations and talks on pure cockney like Guy Ritchie’s character. This is fantastic as phenomenon, you know. I really like it.

So, today is a saturday and I’m exited to present you very special podcast by my good fella from Derby, UK — Will McGiven. Don’t forget to check his soundcloud.

What is your favorite book and why?

To be honest i have not read a book for ages! Just listen to music all the time! I read under milk wood by Dylan Thomas at school and that was superbly written.

Which sport are you best at?

I was lucky to be good at most sports, i may have gone higher than semi professional as a footballer if id have not wanted to watch by beloved home team, Derby County. I was also good at all the jumping and sprinting events in Athletics. I just loved and played all sports.

What is your morning routine?

Just get changed, iron my shirt, have some breakfast and then my world comes to life! On the bus in to work i listen to all the tracks i have researched that week and go off in to my own world.

Dust On Boots Mixtapes #26. Oleg Patoka

Oleg is back. A few years ago he already recorded a great mix for us and now we’re welcomed him again. Great compilation of classic house, jazz stuff and some sort of discofunk themes here.

Check his podcast series Magic Garden here.

Yoshinori Sunahara – Theme from Take-off 
Aaron Parks – Nemesis
Tindersticks – Dying slowly
Nicolay – Lose your way (Alex Barck remix)
Change – The glow of love (feat. Luther Vandross)
Jazzanova – Now there is we (feat. Paul Randolph)
Moodymann – Lyke U use 2 (feat. Andres)
Lay-far – Stand up (feat. Pete Simpson)
Quintus Project – Night flight
Lay-far – Seaside interlude
Spunk – La Bimini
The Alan Parsons Project - Pipeline

Dust On Boots Mixtapes #24. Oomkah Dee

Long time no see guys. And now we are back with the guest mix of very talented man, the cinematolog and soundtrack collectioner named Oomkah Dee. He also is the author of compilations called Aatdushi (now in history, but we still love it). This mix is recorded from modern jazz tracks “in shades of grey”.

The idea was born from my music player. I often back home by poorly lighted streets and every time I sound my way up by proper jazz: noir, dark or minimal. Becoming very cinematic.

Outstanding, but lovely mixtape. Enjoy. Uh, and don’t forget to check Oomka’s bandcamp.

Lars Danielsson & Tigran Hamasyan — Hov arek sarer djan
Colorlist — Sun Song
Marsen Jules Trio & Roger Döring — Histoire De La Nuit
Ulrich Drechsler Quartet — Where Time Stands Still (For Sue’s House)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief — Equilibrium
L A N D — Nothing Is Happening Everywhere
Żółte Światło — Noir
Triosk — Headlights
Swod — Largo
Portico Quartet — The Visitor
Dictaphone — Rattle

Dust On Boots Mixtapes #22. krezh

Here we go. A new, fresh and night episode of our road mixtapes is ready to listen and enjoy. Second time a guest called Krezh is here, and we’re happy to present you his electronic podcast, which is all about endless road trip. Jenya share his own vision. 

Also you can check his mixcloud with great show named Above The Clouds. Hope you feel it like we do. 

What is your favorite book and why?
Somehow I don’t have any favorite book - only favorite authors (John Cheever, Ilf and Petrov, Nick Hornby). Right now I’m reading Stephen Kelman’s “Pigeon English” - intelligent, ingenious and enchanting novel about a little boy.

Which sport are you best at?
Chess, I hope. And I like cross-country cycling, but not as a sport. Just for fun.

What is your morning routine?
Reading news and e-mail, while eating some youghurt or cottage cheese.

Leif - Until dawn
Johnny Ripper - Ce n’est rien (Klātu Remix)
Jafu - Stepping stones
Segilola - Substance called love
Rain Dog - Regolith
Tmmrw x Sangam - With hope
Rioux - Trails
Laurel Halo - Melt
Iglooghost - Treetunnels (Greyhat Remix)
Cotton Claw - Crooked (Julien Mier Remix)
Sohn - The Wheel (Luvian Remix)
L W K Y - Attention
Menik & Sublok Feat Ni Foster - Our Own
Kursa - Don’t (ft. Bijou)
Jack Dixon & Yusuf Sebaiti - See me
Benoît Pioulard - Censer (Field Rotation Remix)
José González - Step out

Dust On Boots Mixtapes #21. Kito Jempere

Morning guys! Today is sunday and we’ve a new guest named Kirill Sergeev (Kito Jempere / Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club band). We very proud to receive guest like him here and right now. Kirill is an A&R of american Glenview Records and one of the founders of SP’s Beats Delivery. Not so long time ago he released 12” Confusion EP on the legendary Freerange Records.

And today Kirill shares some tracks which he listen been in travel. From electronic beats to old good rock tunes. Hope you enjoy it, fellas.

What are the most important traits in a man?

When was the last time that you took a risk?
Can’t really say for sure, i’m living in kupchino district in Saint P, so i’m taking risk every day :)

What tool do you have in your pocket always?

Kito Jempere — Typewriter
Steve Moore — Volatile Memory
U.N.K.L.E. — Blood Stain
LTJ Bukem — Constellation
Pulp — This is Hardcore (4 Hero Remix)
The Herbaliser — Unsungsong
Chinese Man — Skank In The Air
Mr. Scruff — Vibraphone Boogie
Saada Bonaire — More Women
R.E.M. — Perfect Circle
Fog — Pneumonia (Coldcut Remix)

Dust On Boots Mixtapes #20. Timo Camillo

Hey folks! We’re back with a new episodes of our deep’n’jazz podcasts. As you remember, our guests share his own vision of special music for road trips and traveling. Today i’m the host. My top of tunes for walk and workout. 

And the second news is about girls. All about girls, i know. We start a monthly video issues with a pretty girls who loves us and what we’re doing here. Meet Marina, guys and be nice. 

What is your favorite book and why?
Still Peter Heg’s “Quiet Girl”. I really dunno why, but it has a kind of magic between words and silence.

Which sport are you best at?
Running. Run like a wind, huh.

What is your morning routine?
Shortly: silence, gym and a lot of food.

Dust On Boots Intro
Thrupence – Swashbuckle
Jose James – Vanguard (Flako Remix)
Iamnobodi  – Cali
LZLO – Paradise (Hip Hop Mix)
Penthouse Penthouse – Private Jet
Linkwood Family – Miles Away
Astronouts — Coldboy
Lay-Far – Looking For Changes (Pablo Valentino Remix)
Chris Turner – FlyLOVE (Andres Remix)
Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque & Dj Whisky – Be (Atjazz & Jullian Gomes Remix)
Glenn Astro, Imyrmind - KDIM (Original Mix)
Fred Everything feat Wayne Tennant – Mercyless (Atjazz Floor Dub)
Nowakowski – They Get Up
Last Mood — Tell You Something (Detroit Swindle’s Doomsday Revise)
Ripperton - I Haven’t Seen Much
Kyodai – Moving (Basic Soul Unit Basement Mix)
Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish  – Flowers