Broken Open EP by Paul Ksky

Dust On Boots brings the third release in this year. As you can see we choose side of nice and slow music preparation. So, this EP is Paul Ksky's novel about love, which divided into three tracks named "Olga in New York", "Broken Open" and "Only". You can also remember Paul’s track "Shhh Bottle" has been included in Dust and Raw #02 compilation set. With the same downtempo style. You definitely love this one.

What can I tell about his novel? It's very romantic but groove. Ghost keys and slow rhythm makes a really bright atmosphere of the story. And I think we've no purpose to discribe every of song — you just need to push play and check your own feelings about this. But for notice: play this in the right context — dawn, seashore, maybe rooftop — and it's certain to make a great impact.