Float, Sun, Ambient and Hypnotic EP by Yuuji Hiromoto

The japaneese percussionist Yuuji Hiromoto has prepared his first full-lenght release so far. It comes and you should know what's on the menu here: hypno and sunshine textures that called ambient. The EP contains 4 original tracks with dated names: 20090424, 20130503, 20090422 and 20120622. In every cases the goal is to push our relax buttons and look out of routine. You can walk, you can run, you can sleep or whatever.

This music is perfect to stop, close your eyes and make a really deep-deep breath. And feel of yourself. The other side of EP has 3 remixes. First is recorded by talanted young dutch producer Danny Vd Hoek. It's all about jazz-hop, freestyle movements and some sort of special groove. The next two remixes made by Timo Camillo. Freejazz again. Sun Goes Nova is piano and analog Timo's subproject. We're really happy to release some sort of collaborational EP. Come close fellas and catch your pack of this digital happiness.