Dust And Raw #2 Compilation

The last release of the first Dust On Boots season. We have gathered our bros around and made a really dusty soundtrack for autumn days. This sampler contains 8 tracks of deep house, ambient and jazz hop.

“Blue Lips” is a magical longplay by Alveol, the guy who always helps us. Timo Camillo’s “Calmness” is an instrumental and string-lacedl hip-hop with soft and reverbed marimba’s sound.

The debut of Yuuji Hiromoto here with a great deep beats tracks named “20130503”. The diamond of this pool is Ksky’s “Shhh Bottle” track. Gorgeous and magic. Arsenii has a great logically continued of Paul’s jazz theme here with his “De Lux Suite”.

The next one is Ted Jood with his nice and club-friendly revision of classical Adam Jace’s sound called “Afromojo”. And Adam Jace is here too, with his psychodelic remix for dancefloor-killer by our uptown-buddies The Guzalos and Max Mikheev. “Tango Cars” wait a really long time to be released. But, this is it. Keep on guys.

And the last but not the least is jazzy “Fazed” by Art Deco, project by Sean Danke. If you want to swim in deepness, you should choose this sampler, guys. For sure.